The #DIGICOPA is a footballing battle of supremacy between athletes from four social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Nairaland. Following eight successful social media backed sports events over the past 3 years, the 9th edition of TPL, #TPL9, is a rebranding and an expansion of a formerly Twitter-centric crowd to include athletes from these social media platforms.

TPL, The Professional League (formerly The Twitter Premier League), is a real-life football league that started on Twitter with a population of mostly young professionals who actively supported European football teams. TPL was a way to give form to the fictional fantasy leagues and to bring people to put their legs where their mouths were.
With the expansion comes new rivalry. There are four teams: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Nairaland. Each of these teams support bases that differ widely but are united by sports and there’s a lot of bragging rights to be won. But sports is not the only item on the menu; TPL is also a social event, many have scored goals on and off the field. It is also a food fair, a fun fair and a meet and greet.

#TPL9, The #DIGICOPA will hold on Saturday, 30th of September 2017 at the Campos Square Mini Stadium, Lagos. To join one of the teams, simply log on to the website and select a team. A N1500 ticket is available online from https://pay.wallet.ng/TheTPL/TPL9 and also at the venue to attend the event. The #DIGICOPA promises to be the ultimate social media football showdown.