There’s a feature on the Plume app for Twitter where you can block out keywords, so tweets containing these keywords wouldn’t appear on your timeline. The feature is case sensitive so it took me a while to blacklist the names of the big brother Nigeria contestants and the hashtag attached to it. I felt a sense of accomplishment, my timeline was free of gossip from a show I obviously didn’t want to care about. There’s a way topics on Twitter suck you in and get you to invest in chatter over something you wanted to be quite indifferent about, I didn’t feel like getting sucked into the BBNaija drama.

While I was on my revolutionary run, no one told me that the Plume app zapped enough data to download an episode of Iron Fist (let me get this in real quick: Iron Fist is a snoozefest, only continuing so I can keep up with upcoming The Defenders mini-series) in less than an hour of being on Twitter via the app. That’s bad for business especially in this economy of expensive data plans, worst part is my social bundle plan used to augment my data plan didn’t apply to Plume. I had no choice but to go back to the official Twitter for android plan, with my tail  between my legs.

Well, the show is over and there’ll finally be other things for me to worry about on my TL. I found out that the guy who sorta inspired this series was evicted from the show shortly after the first part, but what caused the most uproar in the final was a contestant botching a rendition of the Nigerian National anthem. People weren’t mad, they were gravely disappointed the contestant didn’t know the words to the national anthem – a contestant that apparently had started to gather steam ahead of the final votes, bottling 101 in full effect. Some people tried and ultimately failed to rationalize her failure at knowing the words to the anthem.

Twitter Nigeria remains undefeated.

Moving on to exactly why we are here however; matching Nigerian rappers – who definitely know the words to the national  anthem – with American rappers.

The Underappreciated: Boogey & Royce da 5’9

While some are failing Nigeria, Boogey is one of those being failed by the dysfunctional state of music listening in Nigeria. The first time I heard a Boogey verse was the first time I was hooked, it was on M.I’s ‘Ridiculous’ off Illegal Music. With the plethora of guest verses on the tape, Boogey had one of the most memorable verses on there. Boogey doesn’t need to prove to anyone that he can rap, all he needs is more ears to listen. He’s released four projects that are very impressive, the fact that he isn’t more acknowledged and celebrated is a travesty.

Royce da 5’9 is one of the best rappers to ever come near a microphone, period! You need proof? Listen to his Bar Exam project. And if that’s too far for you to dig, checkout his collaborative project with DJ Premier, Prhyme. It is an unspoken rule that a rapper never drops whack bars on a Premo production, Royce not only matches the beauty of Premo’s beats, he shines bright. Not so many rappers can keep up with Eminem on one track, Royce has gone shoulder to shoulder with the rap god on a full length project. And somehow, not many respect him enough simply referring to him as Eminem’s lackey or a peripheral part of Slaughterhouse. Boogey x Royce da 5’9? Bring them fire emojis out people!

The Reach: Falz & Isaiah Rashad

This seems stupid, right? Well, I make the teams so let’s get on with it. Both of them look alike. That’s one point for me. Falz created my best Nigerian Hip-Hop project in 2015, Isaiah Rashad created my favourite Hip-Hop project in 2016, 2-0. They are both rappers, 3-0. I’m making you read this even if I had no reasons to pair both of them together, 4-0. I’m struggling to make this stick but you think it’s funny and stupid, 5-0.

We move!

The Short Bullies: M.I Abaga & Kendrick Lamar

These ones are so big, their title had to be one word extra. M.I gave Nigerian Hip-Hop a kind of fresher cool with just one album, a genre-shaping album. Talk About It is one of those albums you have to mention while talking about Nigerian Hip-Hop, it is the holy grail of Hip-Hop debuts in Nigeria. You’d be hard pressed to find any Nigerian hip-hop artist with a better and bigger debut, I challenge you. M.I is about 5’5” tall but he makes the moves of someone who is more physically imposing, both musically and business wise. He’s currently the president of the record label that signed him, only someone with a boss status can be entrusted with that position. His stature as the banner artist of Nigerian Hip-Hop is undeniable and his place in the Nigerian music hall of fame is secured, only a matter of formalities.

“The 5ft assassin don woke up out his sleep N*gga”. Was the assassin ever asleep? No rap album this decade is better than Kendrick’s major label debut – good kid, m.A.A.d city, that’s a universal fact. The only album in contention is the follow-up to GKMC, To Pimp A Butterfly. He’s obviously the best to rap among his peers and is even in contention for the GOAT title. M.I and Kendrick together? Haha! The stuff of dreams, wet dreams.

If you know any American rapper who used to be really great at rap music between 2009 and 2015 before turning into garbage please let me know. I need a partner for *coughs* Vector Tha Viper *coughs*.

Words by Peter Adedotun Dennis, aka RapMusicMatchmaker, aka @ayo_dennis.