Show Dem Camp has the best rap project – dare I say best music project from any Nigerian artist or group this year, so far. Clone Wars 3 was released on the last day of 2016, I wasn’t expecting a new project from Tec & Ghost but I’m happy they decided to liberate new music this soon.

This isn’t my first try at reviewing music in real time but it’s the first time I have to put those thoughts down right from my guts. I hope my brain and fingers coordinate really well and really fast. I’m in a restaurant, I just ate and I should like to think I’m prepared for this. This big ass headphones had better block me from the immediate world, besides there’s only just two other people here.

My hype for Palmwine Music, Vol. 1. has been on a steady rise. I’m like the guy on the cover, happy to start guzzling this gift. Let’s get to drinking, gut reactions only.

Up To You (Ikon Mix) (Feat. Funbi) – “You’re now rockin’ with the SDC” tag. The ‘classic’ tag, definitely Spax on the beat. Okay, this guitar is redunkulous and Funbi’s angelic voice just came in. Tec steps up first. Haha! The stingy Ronaldo reference, very nice. This verse is loose, so much joy in his voice without ridiculous lyrics. Can Funbi get a hook wrong? No. Gahdemmit, this beat is going to make me embarrass myself and Ghost just came in. Ghost’s Clean baritone makes you believe anything he says. I like this, I’m enjoying this. Now Spax is just showing off with this horn section and I’m swaying. Great start, I want more!

Compose (Feat. BOJ) – BOJ’s kushy voice, so undeniable. My shoulders are moving, I’m definitely going to be dropping typos. Tec is first to the plate again. Okay, there’s some sincerity in these bars. BOJ needs to be on more hooks, really. Mans is singing “take you to the bedroom” with a laid back zaddy vibe. Ghost just dropping one liners that you can drunk tweet at your crush. I can see the video for this song, just put Tekno in there and let him make up some ridiculously good dance to this. Oh FUCK! THESE KEYS! Fela is grooving to this. Spax just killed another one. Early favorite.

Wahala (Skit) – Haha, aunty plenty Nigerian men are scum. Naija men and women are made for each other.

Independent Ladies (Feat. Ajebutter22) – This highlife guitar intro is the one that will prompt ‘osheyyyy’ when this song comes on. Tec isn’t rappity rapping and he sounds good, not highlight reel material but he’s really comfortable on this. Ajebutter22 with that growl-talking voice, you can’t hate it. Brains, beauty, booty. Now that’s a triple threat, Ghost. Spax going crazy on this guitar. There’s only one lady in here and I just want to stand up and move my lower body, but no.

She Wants More (Feat. Poe) – Another ‘classic’ tag, I’m not mad Spax. In fact I’m the opposite. Poe and SDC is always a nice combo. And Poe is breezing through his veres, he never sounds rattled, never. Tec is in almost immediately. He’s rocking this verse, I like that Eazi reference. This tape is so groovy, I’m pretty sure I can shuffle it in with Mr Eazi songs at a party and I won’t get yelled at or insulted. Ghost is so in your face and still chill with his verses, he’s been the quarterback on this project.

What You Want (Feat. Tomi Thomas) – Spax again. Okay, this is an Afro-EDM type vibe. Tomi is one really talented vocalist. Tec is so sweet mouthed with this verse. I wonder if any girl has rejected his advances or is he married? This is a dope verse. Ghost just came and talked. That’s big man stuff, too much talk isn’t necessary. Tomi is repeating his hook. It’s getting a little long winded but I don’t mind.

Popping (Feat. BOJ & Odunsi The Engine) – Spax is the go to guy, he’s the point guard dishing these groovy dimes. BOJ with that sleepy early morning voice. I saw one tweet recently about deep convos turning to riding sessions because of that voice. Claim these blessings, Tec. He’s rapping awake. Odunsi The Golden Boy in the building. Did he just make SDC look old with that start? This guy is good, please. Now BOJ just tagged in and I want a collab from him and Odunsi. Wait, is that all? Ha.

Wow, I didn’t know I could type this fast.

SDC has a consistency that isn’t in any way boring, it only punctuates their excellence. I came into Palmwine Music expecting great vibes and loose bars, reminiscent of their biggest single, ‘Feel Alright‘ and they delivered.

Spax laced them with some truly special instrumental arrangements on this project. This is an SDC project with high mainstream ambition and Spax is an integral piece to this project. The vibes are great, the bars too. They aren’t intricate but they aren’t stupid in the least bit or redundant.

Not replaying this project is impossible. My only qualms with it is that it’s too short and that’s actually not a bad thing when a project is this fantastic.

Buy the project on Boomplay for less than #100. Stream the project on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Words by Dennis, aka Not Popping Dennis , aka @ayo_dennis.

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