‘Time and tide waits for no man’ is the popular saying, and this year has been running at pretty breakneck speed. We’re effectively over half this year and I’m pretty sure everyone has peeked into their resolutions and goals to check for progress. I started writing for TGW around the beginning of the year and even though I was a rookie (still am) with the pen, the learning curve has been interesting. Combining that with other ventures, this year has been draining but every turn has been ultimately worth it.

What has helped and will always help me through my daily activities is music. Ranging from calm to maddening days, the music that has made up the soundtrack for this year has been impressive to say the least. Many of them have come from not-so-ubiquitous names. It would be an inane rhetoric if sharing these artists and their craft with everyone wasn’t a huge part our priorities, considering how important it is for us to help plug the public with good music in this steeped structure.

It takes time to stitch an article together – be it a profile piece or a couple of song descriptions – that will be interesting and convincing. Although I have gotten faster (and better, I should think) at writing about music, I know I am still in a perpetual race against, considering the sheer volume of music that I have to keep up with. Being in a loser’s race doesn’t mean TGW has to quit, it simply means we have to become more shrewd.

Some great projects have been released this year that didn’t get initial coverage for whatever reason we won’t bore you with. We’ll be sharing those projects on #NewMusicMonday, alternating with new singles as well. These projects contain some of the best songs you’ll listen to this year, I never lie about the quality of music.

There are five projects in today’s feature, you can cue them up all at once or listen to one each day during this working week. Either way we highly recommend you vibe to them.

Bankyondbeatz – Fuego Senoras

Bankyondbeatz is an emerging super talented producer you should look out for. I’d like to think he’s an easy person to work with based on the quality of the results of his collaboration with various artists. You only need go through his SoundCloud page to ‘get on the jazz‘.

Fuego Senoras (‘Fire Ladies’ in Spanish) is a 10 track project which contains seven original songs, an intro skit, an instrumental track and a skit featuring the shortened version of Sippie Wallace’s ‘Women Be Wise’. Each original song features one female artist. Every artist is given a suitable palette without Fuego Senoras sounding like the redux of a DJ Khaled project. The project has a cohesive tempo and is inherently beautifully curated. Favorite songs will vary between different listeners, that’s how good Fuego Senoras is. Mine is ‘Fale Comigo‘ which features Lady Donli, let me know yours when you listen.

Purchase the project on iTunes or stream it on SoundCloud.

Proof – From Him, With Love

One of the essential abilities that every good rapper possesses is a magnetic voice. Proof’s voice is just that, magnetic. It is what drew me in initially amongst his other stellar qualities as rapper. Proof is a frequent collaborator with TGW favorite, Eri Ife, as well as an artist on the 307 entertainment imprint.

From Him, With Love is a short five song EP that exudes soul from and around Proof’s pensive and interesting musings, ranging from personal issues to sociopolitical observations. The project opener, ‘Cleopatra’s Twin‘ is a well-executed vivid allegorical letter to hip-hop. The first part of the melancholic closer, ‘Sands Of Time‘ that deals with the consequences of losing a loved one is throat gripping. Proof’s impressive way of piecing together lines with metaphors and wordplay, combined with the ease in his voice makes From Him a thoroughly immersive experience.

Stream the project on SoundCloud.

Remy Baggins – Eigengrau

Remy ‘savage’ Baggins is one of my favorite artists right now and I mean it without any hyperbole. The guy is a budding music polymath; a singer, rapper and producer, all par excellence. Eigengrau is an all Remy affair, taking on every duty available – songwriting, vocals (singing and rapping), production and engineering.

Eigengrau revels in the darkness of some of its more pensive songs, while others swing with joy in its lighter parts. It’s a 6 song EP that struts with elegance and flair while diving into various genres. ‘Trippy Ass Outro‘ defies classifications, switching gears in instrumental arrangements over exorcist type chants in a haunting display of beauty. ‘Paranoid’ is one of the best pop songs you’ll hear this year. Don’t believe me? Just listen.

Purchase the project on iTunes or stream it on SoundCloud.

Genio Bambino – Virtuoso

Formerly recording under the moniker, Retro Dee, Genio took a break from music for a while. There was no project though under his former moniker, just a handful of really good singles. His official return was with a feature Ozzy B’s ‘Suzie’s Funeral’.

Virtuoso is Genio’s official debut project and it leaves quite the impression. Genio has a marked versatility as a singer, rapper and producer. He leans towards an ethereal meshing of contemporary R&B and hip-hop. Virtuoso is an 11 track project which clocks in at just over half an hour. Although there is a dearth of topical range, it makes up for it with glimmering execution. There’s tracks with brawny brags and threats like ‘Trap Genio‘, a lot of grown sexy tracks dripping raunchy lust like ‘Soul’. You’re guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable listen.

Purchase the project on iTunes or stream it on SoundCloud.

Ozone & Tey Chaplin – Last Night In Lagos

Hustle is one of the synonymous words with Lagos. It’s meant to be a place where dreams are made, especially for artists since it’s the unnamed but accepted capital of Nigeria’s disorganized music industry. Ozone came to Lagos with high hopes and although he’s not done too shabby – a critically acclaimed mixtape in 2015, Superiority Complex – he’s also not turned enough heads.

Ozone points to his scars and motivations without remorse on Last Night In Lagos, leaving the mad city with a vengeance. The 5 track EP, produced by Tey Chaplin conveys mood in both sonic texture and impeccable raps. Ozone’s viciousness is touchable on the title track, dropping extremely witty lines and cutthroat subliminals over an ominous minimalist beat that eerily feels like it was crafted in a cemetery. There are chill songs with lighter subject matter as well on the project like the soft groovy ‘Don’t Let Go‘. It doesn’t matter where Ozone is or where you are, you will admit to the quality of this brilliant EP when you listen.

Purchase the project on iTunes or stream it on SoundCloud.

Words by Dennis, aka Trap Dennis, aka @ayo_dennis.