No nuggets, mini-thinkpiece or tirades, and no status updates – I’m still a broke ass who loves music. We are simply introducing you to three awesome, short projects – all released last week, with the best descriptions we can muster. Listen to them because they’re of high quality, we never lie about the quality of music (in case you didn’t know).

Mojeed – In Search Of Higher Frequencies

Mojeed raps like he’s on roller blades, making it easy for him to slip onto any type of production and even try out singing effectively sometimes. For me, listening to his debut mixtape, Westernized West-African a couple of months back was all I needed to buy into his talents and the music he was peddling. A sleek voice, a knack for witty rhymes and a growing ear for melody and good production is Mojeed’s endearing skill set. Also adding his innate love for his African roots which he combines pretty well with Western influences in his music.

Mojeed’s new 6-song EP, In Search Of A Higher Frequencies continues down his trodden path, albeit a little more vibecentric. In Search is a project matching an appreciation of the present with motivation and prayers for a better future, backed by quality production driven by afro-soul and afro-pop coupled with influences of contemporary hip-hop/R&B.

The ode to the city of Lagos, ‘Eko Atlantic‘ is what Bryson Tiller would’ve made if he was Yoruba – Trapsoul with the Yoruba flavor and it’s quite impressive. There’s the contemporary afro-pop bounce of ‘The Charm’ on which Mojeed pulls out a crisp sing-rap flow while Tec of SDC comes along with a fire verse, further cosigning Mojeed. ‘Eleniyan‘ is a local drum filled, light groovy jam, definitely curated for owambe situations. In Search is a mostly laid back but colorful project with emphasis on positive vibes, without totally sacrificing lyrical enunciation.

[Listen to In Search Of Higher Frequencies on SoundCloud]

Goldkeyz – Days Before Bloom

Producers deserve more shine, and Goldkeyz is a highly skilled beatsmith that deserves your attention. Especially because his new EP, Days Before Bloom is a solid introduction if you haven’t heard of him prior to now – although the eclectic Afrocentric, released last year is his debut album.

Days features impressive contributions from talented acts like Cheso, Idris King, Ndigo, Joyce Olong and frequent collaborators Barelyanyhook and Musmah. Goldkeyz creates an interesting sonic landscape by bending and fusing genres nicely, curating a pretty cohesive project in the process.

Afro-Caribbean percussions and highlife guitars cross mildly with contemporary R&B on the affirming love song, ‘Nobody Knows‘. It features the syrupy crooning by Cheso and Joyce Olong, with the former on the hook and Yinka Bernie’s clean baritone adds spice. Ndigo and Barelyanyhook throw in fun verses with pyrotechnical skill on the lusty opener, ‘When In Rome‘. I am personally waiting on a vocal remix of ‘Lifestyle (Instrumental)’, because I want to hear a rapper obliterate that gleefully dark beat. And also because I hope Goldkeyz gets a better tag and debuts it soon, producers who make music this good deserve better tags.

[Listen to Days Before Bloom on SoundCloud]

Sir Bastien – Vermilion

The year of the producer? Maybe. Sir Bastien is an in-house producer on the 309 entertainment imprint, he’s associated with Eri Ife and Proof, working with both artists on impressive projects that have graced our pages.

Vermilion, his new EP is a light cruise project, filled with airy, calm production. It is an intimate project with songs touching on a wide berth of emotions relatable to every millennial. The most cutting of which is the self exploratory ‘Searching’ which features the dusky voice of Brittany Blair.

Fellow labelmates, Eri Ife and Proof show up on the wooey, lighthearted ‘Typesetter‘. The dynamics of relationships are explored by Deana Luna and Tim Lyre on ‘Nah‘ and ‘Take Me Down‘ respectively. There’s also a socially aware and sobering song, ‘Dark Soul’ which features Wenger and Bio. You’ll struggle to not get the feels while listening to this deftly curated project.

[Listen to Vermilion on SoundCloud]

Words by Dennis, aka Scout, aka @ayo_dennis.