Happy Monday. Be nice, say ‘same to you’. Mondays aren’t many people’s favorite days, myself included but no one wants to starve or stay idle so work/school is inevitable. I’d recommend watching Patrice Evra’s Monday motivation videos on instagram, surefire way to add a ray of sunshine to the typically dour and dreaded Monday mornings.

TGW Essential is also going to help improve Mondays, welcome to #NewMusicMonday. We will be putting you unto new music every Monday, especially from creatives who are yet to fully break into the limelight. We also won’t be ignoring the mainstream, but the chances that you’ve heard a new Davido or Wizkid single is pretty high.

We will scour SoundCloud and blogs promoting great music to bring you these artists and their songs, please push the play/download button. Trust us, we’ve got great ears. If you’re an upcoming artist or you’re connected to one and you know your/their song is great, tag TGW on twitter and we’ll be sure to listen.

Many of the songs that we will highlight on #NewMusicMonday will be recently released songs, especially those from the previous week. We would also add any great songs we come across that catch our attention but have been released in earlier weeks.

Let’s get to new great music.

PoeThey See: Supreme Mavin Dynasty emcee, Poe jumps on a flipped version of J Hus’ ‘Did You See’. Poe freestyles to the beat, flipped courtesy of producer, Bankyondbeatz and background vocals by DJ Yin. Poe has been furthering his agenda as a consistent rapper with each verse/song he’s put out and ‘They See’ doesn’t disappoint one bit. Poe’s manifesto rap lines are sharp over the quirky, mid tempo beat. Great addition to Poe’s list of flipped songs and great introduction for those who haven’t been paying attention.

PreyePieces Of Me: Soul singer, Preye returns with a follow-up to the release of her impressive single, ‘Mortia’ which she dropped last year. ‘Pieces of Me’ is a Neo Soul song, punctuated by soft funk-jazz instrumental arrangement. Preye pours out her pain about a former lover, which is palpable in her soulful voice and the lyrics add a mournful essence. Smooth ear candy about a bitter subject many of us can relate to.

TolaniNo Yawa: This song came out early last month and it just had to be here. If I had this song on a CD, it’s guaranteed to start skipping after a short while because of excessive play. ‘No Yawa’ is hella groovy, the contemporary afrobeats vibe is perfect. Tolani’s baritone is clean and he glides over the production with ease. I repeat: This issa major vibe. Hit the play button, and I dare you to not put the song on repeat.

Davina OriakhiJuju: PSA, people: I have a massive crush on Davina and I’m contemplating shooting my shot real soon. While I contemplate, press play on Davina’s new and enchanting afro soul single, ‘Juju’. Nobong D Synth is responsible for the soft, bubbly production. Davina’s light, balmy voice tags the beat to create a spiritual feel on ‘Juju’. This is her 3rd single this year, following the reggae-tinged ‘Silence (Father Have Mercy)’ and the self assuring, Hip-hop soul ‘F.S.L.S’ released early last month. Davina has a debut project arriving soon, watch her SoundCloud page and watch this space too.

Sess BeatsTerry ApalaThat’s Wassup: Fuji-Trap progenitor, Terry Apala gets tagged by popular beatsmisth, Sess ‘The prblm kid’ for this hard bouncy single you can’t hate. Sess creates a hard trappy beat for Terry to mosh all over. The bars are full of blank staring brawns and ostentatious brags, delivered in Yoruba and Terry’s accented English. Find someone to help you translate gem lines like “ye ma fo s’oke bi eni to ni warapa” if you don’t understand what he’s saying.

Kyrian AsherThe Land Of A Thousand Spires: I just found out about Kyrian Asher a couple of days ago and although I haven’t been able to fully digest his works on SoundCloud, this song is enough for me to believe he is a special artist. ‘The Land’ was released just over two weeks ago and it is quite impressive. Kyrian runs laps around the sparse industrial production, throwing off pensive, stream of conscious thoughts with flair. There’s more for me (and you) to explore on his SoundCloud page but let’s start here.

3rty & Kid Marley (The Grey Area) – Sunday Morning: ‘Sunday Morning’ is the first single off the upcoming joint project, The Grey Area LP by 3rty and Kid Marley. The quick paced soft rock jam juxtaposes the Sunday morning thoughts of both artists. 3rty sings smoothly and almost pristinely about enjoying the simple things in life amidst the challenges while Kid Marley is quite more daring with his aspirations and his vocal delivery. Good stuff, really.

ShakezSauce: This is a last minute addition, I stumbled on this just as I was rounding up this list and I was impressed. The sinister keys loop hypnotically alongside the trap drums and Shakez slots right into Seven’s production perfectly. He raps with the conviction of a tested veteran, using metaphors to create effective lines. ‘Sauce’ is a self-hype track and an industry notice rolled into one, it’s dope (for lack of a better word).

Words by Dennis, aka Scout, aka @ayo_dennis.