It’s a singles-driven market, an artist creates a single and pushes it through every outlet possible so as to build a teeming fanbase that would eventually clamour for an album or buy one when the artist releases. AdekunleGOLD‘s career trajectory has followed this modish path albeit a quieter but potent path, letting his ability to create good anthemic songs do most of the work. The buzz behind Mr Gold’s musical prowess reached pitch fever with back-to-back hit singles, Pick Up and Ready which created enough buzz for his inescapable self-titled debut album released last July.

GOLD wasn’t just billed as an important album, it was also built up as an event – everyone loves an event. When the album eventually showed up – few days to its release date, every hot take you could find on the internet swelled the hype. I bought into the hype, listened to the album and it was an impressive debut to say the least. Mr Gold created a sweet-spot, all-inclusive album, all the songs catered to every one of different age ranges.

These days, an artist is only as good as his last release and Mr Gold’s last release was pretty good. Every true artist always aims to be better with each release and the signs that Mr Gold’s potential is bigger is peppered all over his previous album. Mr Gold thankfully had not hit a creative peak at first try and he had more room to grow into – an interesting and scary thought at the same time, based on if he decided to progress or regress. Based on new evidence, Mr Gold is choosing progression.

Immediately the first strings of the guitar are plucked on ‘Only Girl’ – Mr Gold’s new single, every screw in the listener’s neck and shoulder are loosened immediately. By the time Mr Gold’s voice tags the beat, the song takes flight into a sweet altitude. What jumps at me is Mr Gold’s confident vocal and lyrical cadence – his sometimes whimsical and whiny lyrics on GOLD were held up by indulgent production. This time his voice drips enough of his trademark saccharine for his assured lyrics to create a sweet tag team with Lekaa Beats’ infectious highlife groove. Nigerian-British singer Moelogo (who you should checkout if you haven’t) adds some beautiful edge with his beautifully strained tenor. This is the pair’s second collaboration, following last year’s lush Rora Se (Tread Softly)‘.

As well as a definite place on wedding playlists, ‘Only Girl’ feels like an all-purpose song that anyone of any age can gravitate towards. “The goal is to be timeless” reads Mr Gold’s bio on twitter and he definitely is on the right path.

Download ‘Only Girl’ here.

Words by Dennis, aka Mr Black, aka @ayo_dennis.