It appears that the boxing world is inching closer towards a Mayweather-McGregor fight, something that looked quite far fetched when the rumours first began in 2015.

This could provide an opportunity for another mega fight, something that’s somewhat become a rare commodity these days – the coming together of mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing; a matchup between MMA’s finest and the self acclaimed Greatest Of All Time or at worst, arguably the number one pound for pound boxer for most of the last decade. 

It is not difficult to see the atttraction for Mayweather: a chance to surpass Rocky Marciano’s record and extend his unbeaten record to 50 fights, whilst beating an MMA superstar would definitely be another feather to add to the G.O.A.T cap. It is also a big chance for another huge payday. If it makes money, it makes sense; especially for Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather.

The move also makes sense from a McGregor point of view. He has conquered the world of MMA, he’s comfortably the sports biggest attraction, and this provides a new stage and audience to perform. It also doesn’t hurt to pick up a ton of cash along the way.  

The lure of being the first man to hand out a beating to Mayweather is also too hard to resist; indeed many have travelled this road before him.

As is common with many boxing fights, a lot of noise is being made by both camps. It appears that both men are genuinely interested; the question to ask then is if this fight would be entertaining and worth the hype, or just another big disappointment?

If there’s one thing that can be attributed to Mayweather, it’s the fact that he is a very smart boxer, both in and out of the ring. He has consistently displayed a knack for picking the right fight at the right time. The McGregor fight was always going to be the only thing to draw him out of retirement. It’s a bit of a gamble, but a very calculated move.

For all his UFC prowess, this would be Mcgregor’s first boxing fight, and with all due respect UFC is not boxing. It’s a different ball game. Many experienced fighters have fallen prey to Mayweather and it’s hard to imagine a rookie, no matter how talented to defeat a boxer as good as Mayweather.

There are two things Mayweather prides himself on: making money and not losing. As a result he is a man known, not for excitement but getting the job done. This has resulted in many fights not living up to the hype it promised, including his last fight against Pacquaio.

This fight has a Mayweather win written all over it. Although, boxing can be unpredictable at times; we are only a good left hook away from a huge upset. McGregor could stun the boxing world enroute another crazy adventure. He seems to have a bit of that Tyson Fury about him.

The answers would come in sooner rather than later, but for now all we have are question marks; is the fight going to even happen? Is McGregor the man to finally defeat Mayweather? Or is Floyd Mayweather going to remain unbeaten? And finally, is it going to be 49? Or 50?

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