Of late, many windows 10 users have been crying over the high charges incurred when surfing the net on their windows 10 PC. Some have been as a result of high downloads and others as a result of some windows update always downloading and installing in the background. Sometimes you notice your PC freezing or just slow in performance, it could be due to this updates.

To temporarily disable them all you need to do is take the following steps.
1. Open Command Prompt (cmd) as an administrator. To do this just go to your search menu and type “cmd” or “command prompt” without the quotes. Right-click and run as administrator.

2. Then type in the command to stop the windows service responsible for updates, this service is called “wuauserv”. To stop this service you simply use the command: “net stop wuauserv” (without the quotes).

3. This would stop the windows service temporarily until the next restart.

If you want to permanently disable the updates until further notice. You can do that by watching this video & subscribing.

Source: Gidi Techie