(Words by Mifa Adejumo)

Basically, my take from the Podcast is this: M.I Abaga does have a penchant for promoting liquor. You honestly should watch the video of the podcast to understand my point. At the one and half hour mark, M.I literally, picked up the bottle and stared at the camera almost winking. I laughed my lungs out and almost missed shutting down YouTube at the 5 AM mark allotted for free streaming, courtesy 9mobile.

But jokes aside, the podcast came with a lot of emotions that were understandable but mostly uncalled for from both parties. On the one hand, you had two rappers bound to the sensibilities of how their lyricism affects their fan base; and on the other hand you had two writers set out to make sure their opinions, views and journalistic insights are heard, regardless of the egos that might be hurt in doing so.

M.I’s ego was hurt and rightly so. He wanted facts and the whole bane of his argument was based on that alone. But here’s the thing with the piece by AOT2, it was an opinion piece and argue with your fore-fathers or not, when a person who is a fan speaks of their opinions about their artiste’s work, facts are often thrown to the wind.

Take for instance, I am an avid Eminem fan; and even with Dennis, a writer and annoying pundit, barraging me with facts stating that Eminem hasn’t put out a decent body of work since ’02. My response to him is often: “Gerrarahia”. This does not mean I do not agree with the stats, it just means to me, I have come to form a bond with the artiste that blurs out all the nuances of album sales and numbers. It becomes a relationship that is based solely on how that artiste has made me feel, is making me feel and hopes to make me feel. It’s feelings from that point on; and call me “stupid” but facts and feelings are a mismatch made in hell.

Furthermore, Osagie’s feelings were hurt as well. I love the “who the fuck is C-Kay!” part not because he cursed and potentially disrespected an artiste under M.I’s tutelage; but because, if you strip that question off of its swearing and rant context, it does ask a very valid question: Who (da fuck) is C-Kay?

I don’t know who C-Kay is and I might be the only person who doesn’t. However, that doesn’t take away from his achievements (if he has any), but it simply means that me, Mifa, does not know who (da fuck) C-kay is.

Nevertheless, Osagie does know who C-Kay is but in the heat of the moment he threw rationale to the wind and acted with his feelings. Rationale more often than not equals facts; feelings more often than not equal…umm…Loose Kaynon’s insistence that AOT2 own his “L”.

The long and short of this feeling induced opinion piece is that in the world of critiquing and reviewing and the art of music, feelings hold a very important spot that cannot be overlooked or numbed down for the purpose of constantly trying to evolve towards different reading or listening demographics. Feelings are what music is made of and from; as such it is only fair that it should also have a seat at the table with respect to critiquing the art form it has birthed.

**Feature image via @LooseTalkGiants on Twitter. New Episodes of the podcast every Monday on SoundCloud.