Olawale Ashimi Oloforo known by his stage name Brymo is no doubt one of the under rated artist in

Nigeria music industry. Regardless of the the relegations and inadequate cognizance, the ex-

chocolate city song writer and artist continues to beat our imaginations with his good vibes.

Klitoris was released on the 9 TH of May, being a blissful birthday gift to us, it’s also been giving him

the needed hype for a week now.

Kliotoris is a fusion of afro beats, soul and vocals. Inspired by the woman’s beauty and mystery.

Of course one cannot overlook the fact that the title of the album is also very controversial, but yes, I

guess he wanted that too.

Hence, there is a need to append a review to the one of a kind type of music.


1. Naked:

What gets me this about this is the chorus “Ihoho ni mowa….. ihoho la ba wa…..

ihoho la ba lo…… (We came naked, we go back naked). This track espouses on life, and its

vain pursuit. The amount of reflections I derive from this track is immeasurable.

2. Dem Dey Go:

This explains the selfish and greedy nature of men. You could guess it is quite

synonymous with the situation of our government. More like shedding light into the

disparity in beliefs, culture and norms. The inequality, injustice and hate. Yet we live

together because we are confined. But the thing is “no be by force”

3. Happy Memories:

The sweet serenade we derive from the ones we would spend endless

time with, creating happy memories. I heard this and I thought about that one person that

loves me with all my flaws and insecurities. But then, you don’t have to be in a relationship

before you can be in sync with this beautiful song. Friendships do have happy memories


4. Alajo Somolu:

Well well, this got me searching out for the story of Alajo Somolu (A Thrift

Collector) Alajo Somolu is popularly known for his meticulousness which was a key element

in his success story. It describes making it through the tunnel against all odds.

5. Ko’ S’ aya Mi:

Guys, You should dedicate this to that woman who’s got your heart. She would love it… I say yes!


6. Something good is happening:

So much optimism in this, you know how they say “Enjoy what you have while working for what you want”.

Live with no worries. Something good is coming. Need I forget to mention how Fela came to life in this track?

7. Billion Dollar Dream:

This is for every visionary, the harvest time is nigh, it will pay off in time. Your time and effort will not be in vain. All in good time.

8. Let’s Make Love:

I felt so much paranoia in this track, the hurts and phases of living. I imagined a video in my head, it’s almost like one is alone in the dark, striving hard to break free.

9. Mirage:

Aren’t there some nights we drown in the illusions of what we deem ideal for ourselves, the things we want, the life we would love, only to realise its morning again and we are faced with the reality of the present. Mirage explains it all.

10. The way the Cookie Crumbles:

it’s quite sad but I am in love with its synonymities with the realities we live in. What is beneath the smile and beautiful. The message is lucid.

11. The Girl from New York:

I guess this was just a bonus track but the content is quite explanatory.

So much to derive from Klitoris. There is a story in all song… The climax from sweet to sad encompassing all shots of nature.

I hope this convinces you to listen if you haven’t.

Album Review: Brymo - KLĬTÔRĬS
84%Overall Score
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