Hello reader,

You would be forgiven for thinking this is going to be a blog with “24/7” updates but what you won’t be forgiven for though is thinking it’s not going to be something like that! By now you’re full of ideas as to what this is going to be like exactly. Is it some Live blog or a daily sport schedule blog? You’ll find out soon enough.


For starters, it’s themed 24/7 and it’s a sports blog too, so what should you expect when it starts running? You’ve never been so right and wrong simultaneously. Yes, it’s a sport blog (Come onnn! it’s in the sports section) and it’s themed 24/7. No one likes missing out on their favorite sporting event for any scheduling reason whatsoever. It often gets frustrating watching the games later or just the highlights (we’ve been there, bad scheduling problems).


24/7 was created to precisely take care of that scheduling problem no one likes having. All that’s needed is a bookmark. Yes, a bookmark of this page on your home screen or bookmarks tab in your web browser. In return you’ll get a concise preview of the 24 hour action and attractions for the next 7 days.

Wait, there’s more to that. It covers the major daily actions from the most popular sports, including Football, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing and MMA, Cricket, Athletics and other sports. Published on a weekly basis.


It’s that weekend go-to guide and for week days too when you’re occupied with work. One click on the bookmark and you are reminded of the actions and attractions for the day. The days of missing out on sporting events because you didn’t know the day or time are gone and if you can’t catch the events live on TV, there’s always live feeds online to follow.

Get Ready. Get Set. Get it Scheduled. No scheduling excuses no more. We’ve got you covered.