It’s the decade of the smartphone. Everything is available to our generation at the push of a button on our phone. But in a space that can often get very crowded, we select the best apps at your disposal for the frequent business traveler or adventure seeker. Whether it is accommodation in Lagos, or maps and directions, commuting, and restaurants, there is an app for every need. Do not say we never did anything good for you.

  travel app

Google Maps
The great thing about Google Maps is that it has the ability to be embedded on third party websites. Google Maps offers amazing satellite imagery, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, street view, route planning and GPS turn-by-turn navigation system in the mobile version. Google Maps is great for finding your way around a town or city you’ve never been and goes as far as showing you points of interest around the area such as hotels, restaurants, museums, parks, markets and other places of interests to tourists. In 2013, over 54% of smartphone users had used the app at least once. I particularly find myself using it every other day.

Jumia Travel App
The Jumia Travel App allows you to search for and book hotels around you. With well over 200,000 hotels available users who book hotel rooms with the app get as much as 10% off. Available on the Play Store and App Store. With its new progressive web feature, the app lets users browse through its list of hotels even with slow data speed and 2G connectivity.

The app that disrupted the taxi industry, Uber allows you to summon, I like that word, cabs at the push of a button. But they aren’t just old-fashioned cabs, Uber provides an opportunity to ride in style and comfort. Drivers are trained in best practices and customer service that allows them to deliver extra on taking you to your destination.

Foursquare is an app that allows users to enter locations and destinations they visit, review and rate them, thereby allowing other users to browse through and review these places before they visit. Foursquare provides recommendations on where people can visit for various purposes when they are new in a city of location.

Google Translate
Salut, comment Allez-Vous? Exactly, the same thing I thought. Google Translate allows you to navigate and overcome the barriers of communication when you are in a new city. It might be awkward and a tad difficult when trying to communicate directly with strangers, but it can allow you read signs at airports, bus stops, parks, markets, museums and other public places.

With its new Video call feature, Whatsapp is increasing its usefulness for communication in the lives of everyone with a smartphone. For speaking to friends and family while away on your adventure, Whatsapp is an essential app for the Traveler. With its new Story feature, it is, even more, fun as you can share the exciting new places you are visiting.

Bonjournal is an app that allows you keep track of your memories and experiences on a travel. The simplistic travel app integrates with Foursquare to provide all the details of your travel destination as well as create notes and commentary while on your trip. It also records the history of all your travels making it easy for you to pull out data in future. Available on Apple devices.

Go My Way Africa is a ride sharing platform that allows travelers to find drivers who are heading towards the same destination and with a seat to spare and thus share a ride with them either free or at the cost the driver indicates. Drivers with seats to spare can also post trips for people who are going their way to join them. It is an amazing way to travel while saving costs.

XE Currency
New country? Different continent? Need to change your currency? Get live rates with the XE Currency app as well as locations where to change your money. It also has currency converter calculator to calculate rates if you are buying a product or paying for a service.

The homestay peer to peer network for people who want to rent homes for short stays or users who want to enlist their homes for rent.  It offers a great opportunity for people who want to live in historical homes on a short time basis, or network and do business outside the hotel environment while away from home.